Wednesday, March 28, 2018

How to Measure and Install Acrylic Diffusers

Acrylic diffusers are an easy and cost effective way to make a big change in table or floor lamp. Specialty lamp shops like Antique Lamp Supply, offer diffusers in several sizes. We currently offer sizes from 7 1/2 inch to 17 1/2 inch.

08341 - Lampshade Diffuser, 11.5 in diameter, Fits 13 and 14 inch openings

Each diffuser is made from 1/8 inch thick translucent white acrylic and has a 3/8 inch center hole for mounting the diffuser to the shade. Installation is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1: Identify the lamp needing a diffuser.

Step 2: Unscrew the lamp finial from the harp or threaded rod.

Step 3: Place the diffuser flat against the top of the shade and screw the finial back on the threaded rod or the top of the harp.

For information about measuring and fit, check out this video.

In addition to table lamps and floor lamps, diffusers can be used for sleek and clean Mid-Century style pendant lamps. Especially pendant lamps with drum style shades. Like the table lamps and floor lamps, the intention is to spread the light from the bulb.

69132C - Mid-Century Modern Fabric Shade Fixture

Monday, March 12, 2018

Hand Decorated Table Lamp With Bottom Light, Rewired

A customer brought in this Gone-With-The-Wind or Parlor style table lamp and wanted it to be rewired. After an initial inspection, we found the cord was not polarized and the top socket was worn.

The lamp parts needed for this repair include:

1) 3-Way Socket Interior With 1/8F Hickey
3-Way Socket Interior for 3-Way Light Bulbs. Medium base (E26) turn knob socket with 1/8F tap hickey, full paper insulator and short mandrel. 250W-250V

2) 8 Foot Brown SPT-1 Cord Set (Brown [item 46710] was their choice, any color polarized cord set would work.)
46710 - 8 ft. Length, Brown 18/2 Plastic Covered Lamp Cord Set, SPT-1

To disassemble this lamp, we will need to remove the socket. This lamp has an unusual socket, there is no cap or shell. It has a hickey on the bottom inside the gallery. You will first need to unscrew the key from the socket. Then, you will unscrew the hickey from the socket interior. A small flat head screw inside the socket connects to the hickey.

With the old socket removed, unscrew the wire terminals and pull the old cord down from the lamp base.

Untangle the wire to remove from the bottom light wire. Using the new lamp cord, twist the bottom light wire to the new lamp cord. The cords should match: smooth wire together and ribbed wire together. If the bottom light has a black and white wire, the smooth wire connects to the black wire and the ribbed wire connects to the white wire of the bottom light. With the wires connected, push them up the lamp rod to the top socket.

Connect the lamp cord to the new socket interior. Since we have a 3-way socket, the smooth wires each have a screw terminal. The smooth wire from the plug attaches to the brass plated screw terminal. The smooth wire from the bottom light connects to the black screw terminal. Both ribbed wires connect to the nickel screw terminal.

In some cases (like this one), you can get lucky and use the old hickey on the new socket. For this lamp, we removed the hickey off the new socket and used the original hickey on the lamp and the flat head screw from the socket. Just be sure to pull wires down the lamp to avoid excess slack around the socket. Slip the new insulator over the socket and screw on the old lamp key.

If the bottom light was removed for this installation, simply snap it back in place. If the bottom light needed to be replaced, now would be the right time with the cord replacement.

48235 - Keyless Candelabra Socket w/Spring Clips, Leviton Brand

With a few good bulbs in place, we test the lamp.

Gone-With-The-Wind, not. Total time < 30 minutes Total Cost < $10