Friday, February 15, 2019

Aladdin Lamp Chimneys Explained

Aladdin Lamps have been a pinnacle of kerosene lighting for 100+ years. They combined a central draft wick burner with a mantle cap to make an exceptionally bright light. Then they combined the innovative lighting with the design of period inspired colors and styles; calling each lamp a "model". Collectors and enthusiast couldn't get enough.


If you plan to travel down the Rabbit hole of Aladdin parts, tell a friend or relative where you are going so they can help you get back. But with all the complex and ornate details of Aladdin, there is one thing that is simple: the chimney.

Aladdin Heelless Chimney
When it comes to Aladdin chimneys, there are only 2 choices for after 100 years: Heelless or Lox-on. And if that is not simple enough, you don't get to choose the chimney you want. It depends on the lamp's gallery and the chimney it requires. To demonstrate, we have prepared a short video:

Best of luck to all Aladdin users and enthusiast.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Table Lamp Shade Replacement With a Plastic Socket and Ring

A customer brought in a table lamp the other day needing a new lamp shade. The old shade was cracked and faded. This lamp came from a big box store. Specifically, this lamp came from a Swedish furniture store; if you get the IDEA. The shade was worn out and the inside liner was busted. The customer thought the size and shape was still good so they only wanted to replace the shade.

After a quick inspection of the lamp, we determined the socket, cord, switch and other general lamp parts were in good working order. The shade on the lamp had arms from the top of the shade to a ring in the middle. The ring fit over the shell of the socket and was held in place with a retention ring.

Since this lamp maker served the European market, we needed a harp saddle to fit where that shade's ring connected to the socket. Antique Lamp Supply offers a harp saddle designed to fit on Nord and GU24 sockets with retention rings.

Harp Base for GU24 and Nord Sockets
With this harp saddle we were able to add a traditional harp to the lamp and use a typical washer fitter shade with a finial.

Now the lamp avoids the landfill and no one has to be concerned with the busted and worn out lamp shade.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Don't Get Cross (Bar) With Me

Oh the beloved crossbar. We really take these things for granted though every ceiling fixture needs one. When you purchase a fixture from a store, the cross bar is included. If you grab a fixture from a garage sale, second hand shop, or online where the condition isn't "new", the crossbar is no guarantee.

Luckily, we now have the internet with an endless supply of niche shops offering specialty items to keep those antiques, vintage, and second hand items in top shape. Antique Lamp Supply offers most types of common crossbars on the market. From universal, round, to swivel; we carry them all.

3-7/8" to 5" All Purpose Crossbar

" Steel, Universal Circle Crossbar with 8-32 ground screw

We also carry a selection of kits with crossbars and their hardware.

Black Screw Collar Loop Canopy Hardware Set

A short video.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Vintage Santa Clause Gets a New Heart

I love Christmas time and especially old Christmas decorations. When a customer brought in this vintage Santa Clause, we were happy to get him back to our workshop.

He was in generally good shape but with all things electrical, age has taken its toll. The cord was thin, short, and frail. The socket was crunchy and rusty.

So with a few lamp parts, Santa will be back in service and ready to spread Christmas cheer. We'll start by making a list, then check it twice. Santa Clause is coming to town!

For the socket, we'll use a medium base with side mounted bracket.

47700 - Med. Base Lamp Socket with side mounted bracket, screw terminals

For the cord, we'll use a 12 foot white cord set.

46721- 12 ft. Length, White 18/2 Plastic Covered Lamp Cord Set, SPT-1
First, simply remove the old socket and cord set from Santa.

Cut the old plug off the old cord and attach the new cord to the old cord with some simple tape. Pull the cord up and out the ho, ho, holes. Now the new cord is hanging out the top and the bottom holes.

Now we need to tie a UL knot in the cord and connect it to the socket. The smooth wire connects to the brass screw and the ribbed wire connects to the nickel screw.

Now connect the new socket bracket to the Santa body.

Plug in the cord and test it out.

That is a jolly good time. Total Cost < $12.00 Total Time < 20 minutes

Friday, October 5, 2018

How to Measure a Glass Shade Fitter

With a measuring tape and some quick tips you will be able to measure nearly any glass shade. In this video we demonstrate how to measure a student, ball, dome and fixture shade.

Remember, the shade edge is slightly smaller than the shade holder so they will fit together.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Can you use a standard bulb in a 3-way socket?

Most sockets require you to have a matching bulb. A mogul socket would require a mogul bulb and a GU-24 socket requires a GU-24 bulb. 3-Way sockets do not have the same requirement. I would say that most 3-way sockets probably don't have 3-way bulbs in them because they can operate a standard light bulb.

How can you tell if the socket is 3-way?

You can look inside the socket for the second bulb contact.

Without removing the bulb, you can tell a three way just by turning the knob as demonstrated in this video:

3-Way bulbs aren't for everyone. They are more expensive than standard bulbs and in some instances they might be too bright.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Repair Table Lamp Socket

Sometimes the table lamp quits working. After a few bulbs, you realize it need more that just a bulb. In this video we demonstrate how easy repairing a socket can be. Not all repairs and lamps are the same.

The socket interior used in this video is a 3-way turn knob interior.

48207i - 3-Way turn-knob medium base E26 lamp socket interior for 3-Way bulbs, short mandrel, 250W- 250V