Thursday, May 11, 2017

How To Install Lamp Plug On PVC Cord

Covered lamp cord comes in a variety of colors and styles. Some styles include parallel, twisted, and PVC and can be covered in rayon or cotton and dyed in a variety of colors.

Cotton Covered Parallel Lamp Cord
Unlike cord sets with a molded plug, these lamp cords need a plug attached to them. Different plugs sometimes have a special purpose like this plug designed for PVC cords.

48557BK - Black Plug for PVC Lamp Cords
Attaching a plug to a covered cord uses the same technique. In this example we are demonstrating a covered PVC cord to a plug designed for PVC cord.  First you slide the plug shell on the cord. Then you will need to strip back the cotton or rayon covering.

For PVC wires you will need to strip back the plastic jacket. For twisted and parallel, skip to the next step.

With the individual wires split and stripped down to the insulation, strip about 1/2 inch off the end.

Twist the bare wires so they will easily wrap around the screw posts of the plug. Wrap bare wires around screw post in a clockwise direction and tighten screws. If your plug is polarized, the black wire or smooth wire connects to the brass screw that corresponds to the slimmer post. The white wire or ribbed wire connects to the nickel screw that corresponds to the broad post.

Pull the plug shell up the cord and snap it on the plug interior. Other models might have an insulator or cap to place on the plug.


Friday, April 28, 2017

Making a Lamp from a Globe

A customer brought in a globe the other day and wanted to make it into a lamp. With the right lamp parts, anything is possible.

Our parts list includes:

4 feet of black PVC cord:
46617C - Black PVC 2 wire Medium Duty Cord

47684 - Turn-Knob On/Off Phenolic Socket
2 Inch Threaded Rod:
22350 - 2" Long, 1/8 IP Steel Nipple
Some lock nuts:
22702 - Plated Steel Lock Washers, 1/8 IP slip
Regular Washers:
22721 - 1" Regular Duty Steel Washer, 1/8 IP slip
11778BK - Satin Black Modern Shallow Canopy Kit
26922 - Black Cord Grip Bushing
26920 - Off-White Pulley Lamp Cord Bushing
Black Bushing Cap
26901 - Black Bakelite (plastic) Cord Bushing, Tap 1/8F

Now we are ready to get started. First, we want to remove the globe hardware.

Using a utility knife we cut along the 45th parallel south.

Then we clean up the edge with some light sandpaper. 

Using the hole where the hardware connected to the North Pole we place the threaded rod and reinforce it with some washers. The black bushing cap goes on the top of the rod. 

Next, we thread in the cord. It goes through the rod and through the socket cap. The socket cap threads on the rod. 

The PVC exterior is stripped back to expose the two internal wires. A UL knot is tied in the wires. The wires are stripped and attached to the socket interior. For polarity the black wire attaches to the brass screw and the white wire connects to the nickel screw. 

The cord slack is pulled from the top of the globe and the socket interior sits inside the socket cap. The phenolic shell screws on top of the socket interior.

Next, we work on the canopy. We didn't want to lose Antarctica, so it will be a canopy cover. First, we need to push the cord through our pulley bushing and then the hole in the cut off globe piece. 

Next, the cord is threaded through the canopy loop and then the hole in the center of the canopy. Since the PVC wire is reinforced we will not use a chain but will secure the cord at the top of the canopy with a grip bushing. 

Next, we connect the rest of the canopy kit to the canopy. 

This is a whole new world! Total Cost <$15.00 Total Time < 1 hour