Friday, June 14, 2019

Touch Sensitive Lamp Switch

The good ole touch sensitive lamp is a really unique idea. The sensor turns the whole lamp into a switch. No need to clumsily fumble around with the cord or the side of the socket to look for that menacing switch. Que the infomercial clumsy reel.

I digress. The idea is really more scientific. According to Wikipedia "They act on the principle of body capacitance." And body capacitance?

Body capacitance is the physical property of the human body that has it act as a capacitor. Like any other electrically-conductive object, a human body can store electric charge if insulated.

Finally, my superpower is revealed! I can turn on a lamp with the touch of my finger. Now that is cool.

The uncool part is these switches have a tendency to stop working. Instead of sending the lamp to a landfill, simply replace the touch sensitive switch.

Now you are two superheros: Thor and Captain Planet.


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