Friday, December 12, 2014

DIY Lamp Made From Stacked Books

Many of us have great old hardcover books lying around that we've either read and didn't like, or never got around to. There are wonderful decorative projects you can do with old books, and you can even grab some really cheap books from the thrift store for creative projects.

Creating a lamp from stacked books is beautiful symbolism, for it is often a lamp that keeps us company while reading. Imaginative lamps light up a room in a different way, providing a spark for further creative ideas.

stack of booksHere’s how to make an eclectic styled lamp by using stacked books:

You will need:

·         7 or 8 old hardcover books
·         lamp kit from a hardware supply store
·         lamp shade, old or new
·         spray paint
·         drill
·         ½ inch drill bit
·         ¼ inch screws
·         2 inch screws
·         screwdriver and box cutter

1.    With your choice of spray paint colors, paint the lamp kit and fittings.
2.    Arrange your chosen stack of books the way you want them to look.
3.    After stacking the books, place the lamp kit’s thread rod next to the stack because you will need to make sure that at the top you have one inch of clearance.
4.    With your ½ inch drill bit, drill a hole about halfway through the center of the bottom book.
5.    Now open the bottom book, about halfway through, and with your box cutter, cut a channel for the electrical cord. Make sure that the channel is wide enough for the cord.
6.    Your lamp kit should contain a washer and lug nut. Attach the threaded rod to the bottom book into the drilled hole.
7.    Close the book and then tighten the top lock nut.
8.    Now slide the electrical wire through the threaded rod, leaving about 2 inches of wire at the top of the rod. You will be attaching the lamp parts to this exposed wiring.
9.    Using approximately 4-6 screws, 1 ¼ inches, drill the bottom book together to secure it.
10.  Drill a hole into the center of each of the remaining books using the ½ inch drill bit. Then slide the books, one at a time onto the threaded rod, using 4 two inch screws to attach each book to the one underneath it.
11.  Open the cover of the top book and secure it to the stack with four 2 inch screws.

Now you can assemble the parts of the lamp kit and attach the shade. You now have a creative and personal lamp to sit table side in the living area or family room, or in the bedroom for your nighttime reading. 

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