Monday, March 9, 2015

Floral Table Lamp Get a New Lamp Cord

A customer brought in this patient the other day and wanted a new lamp cord wired on it. The old lamp cord was not polarized, so a new cord is needed. In addition to the cord, we will generally inspect the lamp for wear and tear. The only lamp part we are sure is needed at this time is the replacement polarized lamp cord.

First we needed to remove the socket shell from the socket cap. Using a flat head screw driver the socket shell is pried from the socket cap where the shell is marked "Press here."

The socket interior is removed. Notice there is no UL knot in the lamp cord below the socket? Also notice the wire around the screw terminal is not tight against the screw? These are two areas for concern and will be fixed with this repair.

With the socket interior detached, the lamp cord is pulled through the lamp body.

With the socket off and the cord out, here are two simple checks to make with a repair. 1) Tighten the lamp. Even if the lamp is not loose, having the cord out give you a rare opportunity to tighten the lamp rod by turning the bottom nut. 2) Inspect the socket insulator (paper liner of the shell). Make sure the insulator is not dry and brittle. The insulator on this lamp is not pretty, but works just as well.

We are ready to replace the lamp cord. Push the new cord up the lamp rod from the bottom.

Tie a UL knot in the top of the new cord and attach the socket interior. The smooth wire connects to the brass screw and the ribbed wire connects to the silver screw.

Place the socket shell back on the interior and pull the cord slack down the lamp as you position the socket shell on the socket cap. Remember to have you push trough knobs or the socket key in the middle of the harp base before you click the socket closed.

Safe and ready for use. Total time < 10 minutes. Total Cost < $6.00

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