Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Brass Floor Lamp With Plastic Socket Replacement

A customer brought in this lamp the other day. They complained the socket was loose and not working properly. They asked us to replace the socket and tighten the lamp. Our plan is to replace the socket cap and shell but to reuse the lamp cord.

We start by removing the old socket. Unscrew the socket key from the socket. This plastic or phenolic socket is simple to disassemble: the socket shell (top) unscrews from the socket cap (bottom).

We removed the socket interior from the lamp cord by unscrewing the wire terminals. Pull the socket cap off the lamp cord.

  Here are the replacement lamp parts: solid brass socket (cap and shell) with a turn knob interior. Unscrew the plastic turn knob and reuse the extended brass knob.

Our replacement socket has a set screw in the cap. We do not have access to the set screw on the lamp to tighten so we are removing the set screw. The only other option is to use a lock washer. This is the most important part of this repair. Without the lock washer, the problems with a loose socket will probably return. The lock washer goes on the lamp cord first.

Next the socket cap goes on the cord and is threaded on the pipe.

Tighten the socket cap to the threaded rod. We are using a special socket wrench in this photo but you can use pliers. Be careful with brass or metal sockets not to damage the socket cap.

Tie a UL knot in the lamp cord.

Attach the socket interior to the lamp cord. The ribbed wire goes on the nickel screw and the smooth wire goes on the brass screw. Pulling the cord slack back through the lamp, the socket interior should be flush with the socket cap. Attach the socket key to the socket interior.

Snap the socket shell into the socket cap.

Add a bulb and test the lamp.

Complete. This lamp is ready for many years of service.

Total cost: <$15  Total time: < 25 minutes

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