Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ceramic Table Lamp Socket Replacement

A customer brought in this blue ceramic lamp the other day and complained the lamp was not working. A quick inspection of the socket interior showed some corrosion and wear. We suggested a new 3-way socket interior, but the customer wanted to replace the whole socket with a solid spun brass heavy duty socket in antique brass finish.

First thing we do is remove the socket shell from the socket cap and unscrew the lamp cord from the screw terminals. Then the socket cap is removed from the lamp body.

The new socket cap is attached to the lamp body. The heavy turned brass sockets have a connection ring for the socket cap and shell. The new socket ring goes on the lamp first. The cord is pushed up the socket cap. The socket cap is screwed on the threaded rod and the set screw is tightened. Make sure the orientation of the socket cap is positioned for the socket key to face the front and center of the lamp.

A UL Knot is tied in the lamp cord and the socket interior is attached to the cord. The smooth wire goes on the brass screw and the ribbed wire goes on the nickel screw.

The socket shell is placed on the socket interior and the ring below the socket cap is screwed on the socket shell.

A bulb is added and the lamp is tested.

Job well done. Total cost <$30 Total time < 20 minutes

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