Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Floor Lamp With Mogul Socket and 3 Way Switch Wiring Diagram

In response to requests for a wiring diagram for a floor lamp with a mogul socket and 3 way switch, we have prepared this rough sketch. There are 4 connections inside the cluster body. All of the neutral wires (nickel screw with ribbed or white wire) from each socket connect in one wire nut. The other connections are for the hot side (brass screw with black or smooth wire) to the switch and socket. With this connection the 3 way switch and the mogul socket are independent of each other. 

wiring diagram for floor lamp with mogul socket
Click on Image for Larger Size

Don't forget the UL Knot in the lamp cord!


  1. I successfully got the 3 arms and switch wired but don’t have enough room in the cup that holds the mogul socket to wire it. Any suggestions?

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