Monday, August 8, 2016

Vintage Eagle Cast Iron Industrial Gooseneck Desk Lamp Pull Chain Socket

Industrial style lighting is very popular for its simple lines and function over form design. In the early 1900's Eagle Lighting brought us some really great simple Gooseneck style desk lamps. They were so simple, many of them are still around and working well. We had a chance to look one over and here is what we did for repair.

As with any repair, we start with an inspection. Looking at the cord, socket, base, and body this lamp seems to be in really good shape. The lamp cord has an old style plug where both prongs are the same size. This means they are not polarized and we will need to replace the cord. The socket sounds and feels good, but we might find it needs work too. 

We start by unscrewing the shade from the socket. 

Next we open the socket. The socket shell is removed from the socket cap. The socket shell is slid off the socket interior. 

The socket insulator looks really good so we will reuse it. The socket interior is also in good shape. Next, we remove the old lamp cord from the socket interior. 

Now we need to pull the old lamp cord out and push the new lamp cord in. This operation can be tricky with bent arm lamps so we are going to use a guide wire. First we will attach the guide wire at the top of the lamp to the old cord. Then we will pull the guide wire to the base of the lamp and attach our new lamp cord. Finally we pull our guide wire up to the top of the lamp. Then the new cord is ready to be attached to the socket. 

The new lamp cord is stripped. 

We tie a UL knot in the cord and attach the socket interior. The smooth cord attaches to the brass screw and the ribbed cord attaches to the nickel screw. 

The socket insulator and shell is placed back on the socket. We make sure the pull chain is pointing down and snap the socket shell into the socket cap. 

Next the shade goes back on the socket. 

Now we add a bulb and test the lamp. 

Very nice! Total Cost < $8.00 Total Time < 40 minutes.


  1. Hi! Thank you so much for this awesome tutorial. I'm aiming to repair a similar (maybe same) lamp and would like to replace the socket interior and shell, but having trouble finding a shell/interior to fit my lamp's 1.5 inch socket cap. Looks like items 48210A and 40310 are pretty close to what I need. Do you carry interior and shell similar to those items but sized to fit 1.5 inch socket cap? Thank you so much for any info you can provide!

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