Friday, April 13, 2018

Banker's Lamp Pull Chain Socket Repair

A customer brought in a banker lamp the other day and complained it stopped working. The pull chain socket was not functioning properly so the lamp would not come on at all.
Typical Banker Lamp

Our initial inspection determined the only problem with the lamp was the pull chain socket. The lamp cord and bulb were in good working order. The only lamp part we'll need for this repair is a new pull chain socket interior.

1) Pull Chain Medium Base Lamp Socket Interior

48210 - Pull chain socket interior, no paper insulator
Making sure the lamp is unplugged, we unscrew the socket shell from the socket cap. Remove the socket shell and pull the old socket interior out as much as possible.

Unscrew the lamp cord from the old screw terminals and remove the socket interior. For this lamp, the socket cap was a little loose, so we tightened the cap and adjusted the set screw.

Stretch the wires out as long as possible and identify the smooth cord and the ribbed cord. The smooth wire connects to the brass screw terminal and the ribbed wire connects to the nickel screw terminal on the new socket interior.

Push the socket interior back into the socket cap. Screw the socket shell back on the socket cap.

Add a bulb and test the lamp.

Job well done. Total cost <$5.00 Total time < 20 minutes

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