Thursday, June 28, 2018

Porcelain Table Lamp Socket Repair

A customer brought in this porcelain table lamp and wanted it to be repaired. The old socket wasn't working well and it needed a new lamp cord. They decided to go with an antique brass finish socket and a new harp with matching hardware. The lamp parts needed for this repair include:

1) Antique Brass Push-thru Socket
48341A - Push-Thru Med. Base Lamp Socket with Antique Brass finish

2) Antique Brass Finish Harp
12758A - 9" harp, heavy weight, antique brass finish

3) Brown 18/2 Lamp Cord Set
46710 - 8 ft. Length, Brown 18/2 Plastic Covered Lamp Cord Set, SPT-1
We start by disassembling the lamp. Remove the harp by pulling up on the locking couplings and squeezing the harp toward the socket.

Next, pry the socket shell from the socket cap. Most sockets are marked "push" on the side. Using a flat-head screwdriver, apply pressure to the socket shell and pull it out of the cap.

Unscrew the old socket from the lamp cord. Remove the old socket cap from the threaded rod.

Remove the old harp saddle from the threaded rod. Pull the old lamp cord down the lamp and out the base of the lamp.

With all the electrical parts removed from the lamp, now is a good time to do some extra cleaning and tighten the threaded rod. Start building the lamp back in reverse order on the disassembly. First, the new cord is pushed up from the bottom.

The new harp saddle slides over the threaded rod and the new socket cap threads on the rod. When the socket cap is snug, tighten the set screw.

Next, tie a UL knot in the cord and attach the new socket interior to the cord. The smooth cord connects to the brass screw terminal and the ribbed cord connects to the nickel screw terminal.

Next, pull the cord slack out the base of the lamp so the socket interior sets close to the socket cap. Slide the socket shell over the interior and snap it into the socket cap.

Add a bulb and test the lamp.

The new lamp harp connects to the harp saddle by lifting the locking couplings and squeezing the harp. This lamp is finished and ready to enjoy.

Total cost: <$ 10 Total time < 30 minutes

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