Friday, February 15, 2019

Aladdin Lamp Chimneys Explained

Aladdin Lamps have been a pinnacle of kerosene lighting for 100+ years. They combined a central draft wick burner with a mantle cap to make an exceptionally bright light. Then they combined the innovative lighting with the design of period inspired colors and styles; calling each lamp a "model". Collectors and enthusiast couldn't get enough.


If you plan to travel down the Rabbit hole of Aladdin parts, tell a friend or relative where you are going so they can help you get back. But with all the complex and ornate details of Aladdin, there is one thing that is simple: the chimney.

Aladdin Heelless Chimney
When it comes to Aladdin chimneys, there are only 2 choices for after 100 years: Heelless or Lox-on. And if that is not simple enough, you don't get to choose the chimney you want. It depends on the lamp's gallery and the chimney it requires. To demonstrate, we have prepared a short video:

Best of luck to all Aladdin users and enthusiast.

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