Friday, February 15, 2019

Aladdin Lamp Chimneys Explained

Aladdin Lamps have been a pinnacle of kerosene lighting for 100+ years. They combined a central draft wick burner with a mantle cap to make an exceptionally bright light. Then they combined the innovative lighting with the design of period inspired colors and styles; calling each lamp a "model". Collectors and enthusiast couldn't get enough.


If you plan to travel down the Rabbit hole of Aladdin parts, tell a friend or relative where you are going so they can help you get back. But with all the complex and ornate details of Aladdin, there is one thing that is simple: the chimney.

Aladdin Heelless Chimney
When it comes to Aladdin chimneys, there are only 2 choices for after 100 years: Heelless or Lox-on. And if that is not simple enough, you don't get to choose the chimney you want. It depends on the lamp's gallery and the chimney it requires. To demonstrate, we have prepared a short video:

Best of luck to all Aladdin users and enthusiast.


  1. how does one keep the chimney from constantly turning black with soot? there any trick to that?

    1. Make sure the wick isn't too long. Use liquid paraffin for fuel.

    2. I don't use liquid paraffin, as it turns crystalline with really cold room temps.
      Nothing like solidified fuel to keep you from having your lights work...although I have to admit it has to be pretty damned clod to get that bad!

  2. thank you very much!!....I will give it a try.....Rich

  3. I use only KLEEN-HEAT synthetic fuel, made originally for kero heaters.
    YES, it costs more money than kerosene.
    NO, it will not stink up a house nearly as much as kerosene will.

    Watch your wick levels.
    If your flame is turned up too high, you will get excess sooting.
    If too high, you will probably also carbon up the mantle, and you may not be able to get the mantle to burn clean, and that's expensive at over $14 each!

    Keep in mind that you WILL need to clean the chimney on a regular basis, if you use the lamp every day you will probably need to clean the chimney every few days. I clean it once the chimney is COOL to the touch, using glass cleaner, followed by a fresh water rinse...I feel residual soap may contribute to cracking or soot buildup.

    REMEMBER that a lamp needs attention. It's NOT like an electric light that you turn on and forget it.
    You will need to occasionally (every 15-20 minutes or so) need to glance over and check that the wick is adjusted correctly, as changing levels of fuel in the font will affect burning....raising or lowering the wick as needed.

    Hope this helps!

  4. I have a lamp that has a crack in the base, it leaks slowly. I was thinking about using glass glue And a gas tank sealer do you have any experience with this?

    1. I do not have any experience with gas tank sealer, but would be cautious with that type of repair. Even something like super glue might work but the kerosene could dissolve the glue over time.

  5. I have an Aladdin reservoir that was attached to its base with some kind of sticky wax and a metal ring. What would I use to replace the function of that waxy adhesive (which as it turns out is sensitive to high temperatures)?