Monday, July 14, 2014

Old Brown Jug Lamp

A customer brought in this large brown jug lamp the other day and wanted to replace some worn out and rusted parts, lamp cord, and lamp socket. Specifically the lamp parts include a antique brass seating ring, antique brass oil lamp collar, antique brass lamp push thru socket, and new brown lamp cord.

There is no trouble shooting here: it's off with the old and on with the new. First thing is to unwire the socket. This socket shell is already out of the socket cap so leaning the lamp over allows us to get slack up the lamp body and un wire the socket interior.

Pull the wire completely out of the lamp body. This wire is twisted severely. The lamp was probably loose and someone was twisting the lamp wire to tighten it. This can create a hazard if the wires start to pull away from the socket or a part of the lamp creates an abrasion and exposes the wire.

We need to remove the old socket cap. Loosen the set screw below the socket cap and the cap should screw off the threaded rod.

Now we remove the knurled nut and the other parts from the lamp.

Laying the parts out, they will be placed back on the lamp in this order. Top to bottom: socket shell, socket interior, socket cap, harp base, knurled nut, brass neck, seating ring, oil lamp collar. Tip: This is not an oil lamp but an oil lamp collar or any lamp part can be versatile and fit across lamps.

The new parts are placed on the lamp and the knurled nut is tightened to hold everything in place. About 3/8 inch of threaded rod is exposed on the top to mount the harp base and new socket cap.

Thread a new lamp cord up from the bottom.

A UL knot is tied before the socket interior is attached. The stripped wire screws on the silver screw and the smooth wire screws on the brass screw.

The socket shell is locked into the socket cap.

Add a bulb and plug it in.

Beauty-mous! The antique finished brass looks really nice on this brown jug lamp. This lamp is ready for a shade and many years of service. Total Cost< $28.00 Total Time < 30 minutes

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