Monday, September 29, 2014

How to Make Your Own Drum Lamp Shade

Creating your own drum lamp shade is not difficult. If you follow a few simple instructions; you will be able to create or recreate any lamp you purchase. As a matter of fact; you will be inspired to do more shopping for vintage and antique lamps for your living space.

These instructions are specifically for a drum shade, most commonly known as a circular shade, which consists of two wire rings.
What You Will Need:

To create your own drum shade you will need:

·         Fabric of your choice
·         Wire rings
·         Styrene
·         Fabric glue
·         Bulldog clips
·         Scissors
·         Bias tape
·         Paint brushes

Step 1 Take Proper Measurements

Measure your lamp rings first, because they will be the most difficult to replace. Your chosen fabric should be at least one inch wider and longer than your shade. Measure the circumference of the shade with a basic tape measure. Decide how far apart you would like your wire rings to be placed; this will determine the width of your shade. The standard shade width is normally a little over a foot.

Step 2 Now It’s Time to Cut Your Styrene and Fabric

After your fabric is measured in Step 1 it’s time to cut out your fabric. Then, cut your styrene 1 inch narrower, and a ½ inch shorter than your fabric.

Step 3 Wrap the Lamp Wire and Spokes with Bias Tape

Bias tape comes in many colors, so that you can use the tape to match your decor. Wrap your rings and their spokes with the bias tape of your choice.

Step 4 Remove the Protective Layer from Your Styrene

Carefully peel back the protective layer of your styrene. Slowly place the styrene onto your fabric as you go along, ensuring that there are no bubbles or buckles.

Step 5 Use Bulldog Clips and Fabric Glue to Secure the Shade

Bulldog clips are the black clips normally used to clip stacks of papers together. Use these clips to secure the lamp shade and help it hold its shape. Use fabric glue around the excess fabric at the top of the shade. Here is where your paint brush comes in handy. Use the paintbrush to apply the fabric glue onto the material; then fold over neatly. This is the top of your lamp shade.

Step 6 Tuck Fabric Around Wire Ring, and Repeat Process

You don’t need to be concerned with perfection; you can always straighten your fabric out at the end of your project. Begin tucking the fabric around the wire ring. Repeat these last two steps for the bottom half of your drum shade.

There are many methods for making drum shades, but you must try them out to see which one is easier for you. Depending on the style of shade you desire; you will probably go back and forth from one method to another, or even combine methods, as you become more experienced. 

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