Friday, October 3, 2014

Brass Floor Lamp with Ship Rewired Socket

A customer brought in this lamp the other day and wanted it to be rewired. The old cord was stiff and the plug was not polarized. They also wanted an antique brass pull chain socket on the lamp. The only lamp parts needed for the rewire are a 12 foot clear gold lamp cord and new pull chain socket.

The trick with rewiring floor lamps is threading the wire through all the columns and swivels. This lamp had a partially exposed wire at the bridge, but the angle at the arm and the swivel might cause some delay.

First we remove some parts so they will not get damaged (UNO Shade holder) and gives us access to the lamp cord (brass cap).

Next the socket shell is pried from the socket cap.

Next the socket cap is removed from the lamp by releasing the set screw.

The swivel is removed from the bridge arm.

The wire is removed from the end of the bridge arm.

Laying the lamp on a table helps gain access to the base of the lamp and the bridge arm.

The old lamp cord is pulled out of the lamp base. The new wire is inserted. A trick to threading a new lamp cord is to twist the stripped wires together. Using our small clamps, the new wire is pulled from the lamp body.

The new lamp cord is threaded through the bridge arm and up to where the swivel attaches.

The small clamps help pull the cord down. The swivel is reattached and the socket cap is placed on the swivel.

Tighten the set screw on the socket cap. Wire the socket interior to the lamp cord: the smooth wire goes on the brass terminal and the ribbed wire goes on the silver terminal.

Snap the socket shell into the socket cap. Replace the brass button on the bridge arm.

Replace the UNO shade holder and add a bulb for testing.

Ahoy ye LIGHTlubbers. Perfect. For fun we added one of our Art Glass Fixture shades.

Total Cost < $12 Total Time < 30 minutes

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