Friday, October 17, 2014

Feeling Creative? Make a Lamp From a Bottle!

Lamps are certainly utilitarian. We need them to see in the dark. But they are also accents in a room’s decor, and should be chosen with that in mind. Unusual lamps, ones that are more personal, can be made easily if you have the right materials.

Bottles that come in a wonderful array of shapes and sizes make lovely lamps, and by choosing a bottle that speaks to your artistic side, you can create something quite special and unique.

1.    Assemble your materials. Find a lampshade that appeals to you and that compliments the shape of your chosen bottle. Most hardware stores sell lamp making kits that come with everything you will need: a rubber stopper with a hole in the center, a light bulb socket and cap, a switch,  a paper-lined shell, some threaded bar to go inside the stopper, electrical wire, and a wall plug. The tools required will be: a utility knife, pliers, and small Phillips head screwdriver.

2.    To get your rubber stopper to fit your bottle, use the utility knife to shave it down until it’s the right size. Putting the threaded rod through the hole in the stopper - and leaving ¼” showing, place the assembly and shave the stopper to make it flush with the bottle.

3.    Putting the harp base and socket cap on the threaded rod, with your screwdriver, tighten the socket cap. Put your electrical wire through the hole in the cap and make an underwriter’s” knot. Wrapping the stripped wire ends of the electrical wire around the terminal screws, tighten them. Now, sliding the shell over the whole thing, clip the socket assembly into the cap.

4.     Add the top of the harp and screw in your light bulb. Put on the lamp shade and plug it in. No sparks? You've done it right!

This is basically an easy project, and a great way to personalize a light source. You can be proud of yourself.

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