Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hemp String Pendant Lamps

These rustic looking hanging lamps have become very popular among the DIY community, so we are going to share with you the inside scoop on how to create these beautiful additions to your room’s d├ęcor.  
What You Will Need:
·         Bouncy Balls of varying sizes
·         Clear craft glue (1 bottle per ball)
·         Hemp string, 20lb. weight. (Amounts: 16” ball = 400 yards, 14”=300 yards, 9”=100 yards)
·         Trash bag or drop cloth
·         Permanent marker
·         Ball inflating needle
·         Light fixture and hardware
Step One:
Draw a circle on the ball using your marker. The circle represents the space that should have no string on it. The empty section will be fore putting together the light fixture and give you access to the light bulb.
Step Two:
Get out your trash bags/drop cloth; this will get messy!
Step Three:
The easiest way to go about this is to squeeze a quarter sized amount of glue onto your fingers (consider using some gloves for this part!) run the hemp string through the glue and them wrap it around the ball. The string should easily stick to the ball.
Step Four:
Keep gluing and wrapping. Try to do this as randomly as possible and avoid using criss cross patterns. The more densely its wrapped, the stronger it will be. Avoid wrapping the string over the circle area. If a certain area looks weak then you can add more glue to it.
Step Five:
Repeat these steps in order to create multiple lamps. Once finished with more than one lamp, let them site and dry for 48 hours.
Step Six:
Use the ball inflating needles to deflate it.
Step Seven:
Remove the deflated ball from the rest of the lamp.

Step Eight:
Follow the instructions that come in the manual for your light fixture. When installing the light strong, feed the wires through the circle hole of the lamp and up through the top so that the bulb can hang down in the center of the sphere.

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