Thursday, November 13, 2014

Various Lamp Clusters Examined

Like lamps, lamp clusters come in all shapes and sizes. Their purpose is to wire more than one socket together in a fixture. The lead wires from a socket will meet at the cluster and get wired to the lamp cord. One thing every cluster needs is access to the cords. If your lamp has a cluster and you need to work on it, the cluster might open from a thread, a set screw, or a finial. Here are some common types of clusters.

These brass body clusters all have a threaded body. The cap unscrews from the base.

This large cluster has a hickey, threaded rod, and finial top to keep it closed.

Another example of a cluster with a hickey and finial top.

This early electric style cluster had many arms soldered to the cluster, but the bottom cap screws off.

Cluster with a set screw.

So when you get to a cluster and it has wires inside, there is a 99.999% chance it opens from the top.

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