Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Solid Brass Victorian Porch Ceiling Chandelier Light Fixtures

A customer brought in this pair of old porch ceiling fixtures and wanted them repaired and rewired. These are the early electric stamped brass fixtures with porcelain sockets. The lamp parts needed to repair this type of fixture include: 2 piece medium base ring type sockets, crossbar, and brass reducer.

The first fixture has a single socket. This type of socket has a screw collar, base and insulating ring.

The old socket comes out by unscrewing the ring from the socket base and the new socket goes back in the same way. These sockets have a notch in the bottom that line up with a small bump in the fixture. This way you can tighten the socket to the lamp.

Next we add a cross bar.

Now we add a bulb and test the fixture.

Nice. On to fixture #2.

This fixture is just like the first one. We will use two of the 2 piece porcelain sockets.

The old sockets appear OK from the bulb side, but the wiring is the safety problem. These wires are definitely past their life span.

Just as the old sockets came out, the new sockets go in. The notch on the fixture line up with the notch on the socket base and the insulator goes on the side with the ring.

Now we will add the crossbar. Using a reducer, the finial connects to the middle of the cross bar.

Next we add bulbs and test the fixture.

Another easy fix. Total time < 30 minutes, Total Cost < $20.00

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