Friday, December 11, 2015

Bent Harp Base and Socket Base Lamp Repair

Lamps are constantly getting knocked off table tops for one reason or another. Some times the damage is minimal and the lamp needs a few tweaks to get back on the table. Other times the lamp might be in need of minor repair to reclaim its spot on the table.

This lamp came in the shop the other day and had taken a tumble. The harp base and the socket cap were both bent. Here is how to repair and replace these parts.

Brass Lamp Harp Bases 1/8IP
Harp Base

Leviton Brand Socket Caps with Thread and Set Screw
Socket cap

First thing to do is unplug the lamp. Then you want to pry the socket shell from the socket cap with a flat head screw driver.

Slide off the socket shell. Unscrew the lamp cord from the socket interior.Untie the UL knot and remove the nut on top of the lamp.

Replace the bent harp base with the new harp base. Screw the socket cap on the threaded rod of the lamp. (Note: Our socket cap has a set screw so we are not replacing the nut on the lamp.) 

Pull some cord slack up through the lamp body and tie a UL knot. Attach the socket interior to the lamp cord. The smooth wire connects to the brass screw terminal and the ribbed cord connects to the nickel screw terminal. 

Snap the socket shell into the socket cap.

Plug the lamp in, add a bulb, and test the lamp. 

This lamp is ready to set back on its perch. Total time < 20 minutes, Total Cost < $5

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