Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Small Ivory Glass Table Lamp Repair

A customer brought in this lamp the other day and it was in obvious need for repair. The socket on the lamp had completely come apart from the base of the lamp.

In addition to the broken top, this lamp needed a new polarized lamp cord.

The socket interior, cap, and shell appear to be in good working order, so we will reuse these parts. The only lamp parts needed for this repair are the polarized lamp cord and some epoxy.

The first thing we do is disassemble the lamp. In this case the work is half done with the socket base disconnected from the lamp. The socket shell is pried from the socket cap. The lamp cord is unscrewed from the socket interior and the cord is pulled out from the base of the lamp.

Continuing to disassemble the lamp, we take apart the socket cap from the harp base and the collar that was connected to the lamp base.

The collar that was connected to the lamp is reusable. The collar did not fail, but the adhesive in the collar did. To reuse the collar we need to clean out all of the old glue. Using a small tool with a grinding bit, we remove all the old glue from the collar.

Now we are ready to reassemble the lamp. First we layout our pieces to make sure we have what we need. Then we reattach the collar, socket cap, and harp base together.

Next we mix some clear epoxy to reattach the collar on the lamp body.

Making sure the harp base is positioned on the lamp and the collar is level, the epoxy is left to set. To insure success with glue, always follow the instruction for setup and curing time.

With the epoxy dry and set, we rewire the lamp. The lamp cord is pushed up from the base. A UL knot is tied in the cord. The wires are connected to the screw terminals on the socket. The smooth wire connects to the brass screw and the ribbed wire connects to the nickel screw. The lamp cord slack is pulled back down the lamp base and the socket shell is snapped in place.

I got excited and didn't take enough photos of the reassemble. If you read other post of this blog you can find plenty of photos of socket cap and shell snapping. We add a bulb and test the lamp.

Perfect. Total Time: 30 minutes, Total Cost < $5.00

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