Tuesday, February 14, 2017

5 Steps To Replace A Lamp Socket

Most traditional table lamps have an Edison Style (E26) socket. Here are five simple steps to replace an old socket. Make sure to unplug your lamp!

Step 1: Remove The Harp

Pull up on the locking couplings and squeeze the base of the harp.

Step 2: Remove The Old Socket

Using a flat head screwdriver, apply pressure to the socket shell (top) where the socket is labeled PRESS.

Lift socket shell from socket cap.

Unscrew the cord from the socket interior.

Unscrew and remove the socket cap from the lamp body.

Step 3: Install New Socket

Place new socket cap on threaded rod of lamp body.

Tie a UL Knot in the lamp cord and attach new socket interior to the lamp cord. For polarity, the smooth cord attaches to the brass screw and the ribbed cord attaches to the nickel screw.

Pull the cord slack back down the lamp to seat the socket interior in the cap. Slide the new socket shell over the interior.

Aline turn knob in center of harp base and snap shell into socket cap.

Step 4: Replace Harp To Harp Base. 

Squeeze base of harp and lock into the harp base. 

Step 5: Test Lamp

Using a bulb you know to work; screw bulb in socket, plug cord in outlet, turn lamp on and off by rotating plastic knob. 

Congratulations! You did it.

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