Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Inline Switch Replacement

A customer brought in a lamp with an inline floor switch.

40122 - Push Button Floor Switch

They said it didn't reach the floor and was awkward to use by hand. They wanted to change out the floor switch for an inline rocker switch.

First, of course we inspect the lamp for other issues. Make sure the cord is not crimped, burned, nicked or damaged. Check the prongs for polarity. Feel the switch mechanism for a tight click. WHY? 1) Safety is important. 2) We want to fix things, not patch them.

This lamp checked out so we only need to replace the inline switch. UNPLUG THE LAMP! We start by disassembling the floor switch.

Now remove the wire from the center part. Two set screws hold the wire in place.

Next, we get our new switch ready for installation.

The rocker switch uses tiny prongs to pierce the wire sheath. There is no need for the stripped wires in the rocker switch so they are clipped off.

The lamp cord is tucked into the rocker switch.

The bottom of the switch is attached to the top.

Viola! New switch installed.

Note: If you are installing an inline switch for the first time and are not sure what cord to cut, the hot wire (smooth cord) is the one normally cut to add a switch. The neutral (ribbed wire) is left intact.

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