Tuesday, March 7, 2017

How to Cut or Trim a Candle Cover

Often we are asked about trimming down or cutting candle covers. Perhaps, you found a fixture at a yard sale and have some longer candle covers? Or maybe you ordered some online and they turn out to be too long for what you need. Cutting or trimming a candle cover is really easy to do.

Even though there are different materials of candle covers (plastic, paper, resin, etc) the process to trim them is really the same. I recommend using a hacksaw. The tiny teeth and firm grip give you the right balance for a smooth and even cut.

First, make sure your candle cover is not too brittle. Older candle covers can be really brittle from being baked next to a bulb for decades. Brittle candle covers will crack and not cut well.

Next, find an object to place in the candle cover to support the shape while you cut. We sometimes use a nut driver. Do not use your finger.

With support in place, you can start to hack. Remember to push and pull the saw and let the teeth do the cutting. Too much downward pressure will warp or smash the candle cover.

Now the candle cover is the right size, you will want to clean it up. Here you can use a knife, rag, bench grinder... whatever you prefer.

That is easy! You can use the same process for paper candle covers:

And resin candle covers:

It is just that easy.

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