Friday, August 1, 2014

Small Wooden Mouse Lamp

A customer brought in this lamp base the other day and wanted to complete it to a small table lamp. This unique lamp base is a Robert Thompson's Mouseman solid oak table lamp. The lamp had a threaded brass nipple on top of the lamp. The lamp parts needed to complete this lamp include: brass neck, harp base, solid brass socket, lamp cord, and a locking washer. This customer wanted all polished brass items on the lamp.

First thing is to thread the lamp cord through the lamp body. Twisting the stripped wires help the cord get through the lamp without snagging in the lamp body.

The thread on this lamp base is a 1/4IP (about a 1/2 inch). The lamp harp and the socket base connect to a 1/8IP (about 3/8 inch). Using a brass neck we convert the thread from the 1/4IP to the 1/8IP and get the socket off the lamp base: Win/Win.

Next the other lamp parts are added. The harp base goes on the neck. A locking washer goes on the harp base and the socket cap goes on the lock washer.

A UL knot is tied in the lamp cord and the cord is connected to the socket interior. The ribbed wire connects to the nickel screw and the smooth wire connects to the brass screw.

The cord slack is pulled back through the lamp body and the socket shell is snapped into the socket cap.

This lamp is ready for a bulb. The cord is plugged in and the lamp is turned on.

Perfect! This lamp looks really good and is made with great lamp parts. Total Cost < $20 Total Time < 30 minutes

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