Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Brass Floor Lamp with Dimmer Socket

This patient was brought in the other day and complained the socket was not working. It has a dimmer socket and the parts (resisters and such) can wear out and go bad.

The only lamp part we need to replace is the full range dimmer switch. Specifically, we are going to use a Leviton Brand Fat Boy Dimmer switch for the replacement.

First the socket shell is removed from the socket cap.

The socket cap is removed from the lamp by loosening the set screw and unscrewing it from the lamp. The lamp cord on this lamp is polarized and does not need to be replaced. The wires coming to the socket are short and it is hard to identify the ribber wire and the smooth wire. Using a voltage meter, the wires can be identified. The large prong on the plug is the white, common or ribbed wire and needs to be connected to the silver screw on the socket. Using the ohm setting on the  voltage meter we identify the wire and mark it with some paint. NOTE: A ohmmeter measures resistant of the circuit. We are only using it to find the corresponding wire to the plug.

The new socket cap is placed on the lamp. Using the small clamps the new dimmer socket interior is wired.

The socket interior is placed in the socket shell and the shell is clipped in the socket cap.

A bulb is used to test the lamp.

Nice. Total Cost < $35 Total Time < 20 minutes

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