Thursday, June 5, 2014

Specialty Lamp Repair Tools

Beyond the usual pliers, screwdrivers, electrical tape, voltage meter, and spare lamp parts. There are a few special tools in my tool chest: various sized clamps and wire stripper. The locking clamps are handy and inexpensive. When you need to get in a tight space or have hold of a cord without the extra hand. These clamps can hold on to that part while you need to make an adjustment. Since lamp parts are a little more delicate than other mechanical parts, I find myself using these clamps more often than the rough pliers. These are pretty common in hardware stores and may be sold as set. The wire strippers are a nice addition to a tool box. This set strips and pulls away the excess cord for easier removal.
special lamp tools
A few other specialty tools for lamp repair are probably only found in specialty tool shops or lighting shops. In this photo from left to right I have a pick for getting glue, paint or gunk off a lamp. A socket cap wrench that locks into a socket cap for tightening. Pinning pliers for prism wire and specialty jobs. Chain pliers for spreading chain or closing chain; these are better than channel locks or regular pliers since they won't scuff up a chain. Across the top is a dial caliper for measuring inside and outside diameters. This helps when I am looking for something in the spare parts section. I can measure the lamp and only carry the caliper to the spare parts or search online for parts and know the size I am looking for.
specialty lamp tools

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