Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wooden Bridge Arm Socket Interior Replacement

In this post we plan to cover the simple and complicated procedures. This repair is about as basic as it comes, but it has universal application: socket repair. Every lamp has one.

A customer brought this patient in and complained it wasn't working properly. This lamp is quite simple and we can only guess it belongs to a floor lamp and this is the bridge arm or maybe it can go on the post of a bed frame. The customer only brought in this piece and it is all we need to fix the lamp. First thing we do it test the problem. We plugged the cord in and added a bulb and nothing happened. This lamp needs a new push through socket interior and looking at the plug it needs a new polarized lamp cord.

With the cord unplugged, pry the socket shell from the socket cap.

This socket has a brass hang straight swivel attached to the socket cap. This swivel helps make minor adjustments to the socket, but over time it can twist the cord. Since this cord is going to be replaced, the old interior is clipped at the base.
While inspecting the old shell, it is apparent the shell insulator needs to be replaced. The top of it is loose and peeling off.
The new lamp cord is threaded through. A UL knot is tied in the cord and it is attached to the socket interior. The smooth wire goes to the brass screw and the ribbed wire goes to the silver screw.
The socket shell is snapped on to the socket cap. The lamp is tested with a bulb.
Complete. Total Cost: <$7.00  Total Time <10 minutes.

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